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This application confirms that the above statements are true. The Landlord is authorized to investigate such statement. It is understood that this is only an application, subject to landlord approval. The apartment will not be renew until both parties have signed a lease or rental agreement. If neither lease nor rental agreement should apply, the landlord's verbal approval shall be sufficient for the apartment to be considered as rented. If landlord does ot approve the application, deposit will be refundable to applicant. However, a 24-Hour advance notice must be given to Four Points Realty prior to issuance of the stated refund. Requirements: Non-Refundable housing and credit checks fees. If landlords requested check additional fees may apply. If a refund is to be requested of deposits, a 24-hours advance notice must be given to Dever R. Bruno Sr. Applicant agrees to pay the Broker's fee if an apartment is rented through Dever R. Bruno Sr. Also please note that if both parties sign the lease, the broker's fee if non-refundable.

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